Need a video? Don't get "Stranded"

For many small businesses and nonprofit groups, the idea of creating a short, punchy video for use on their websites and social media campaigns ends up in the “want, not need” category. There’s a number of reasons for this, but time and cost are the primary problems. These are both valuable resources, particularly in small organizations, and they are often required elsewhere.

When it comes to video, many will resort to quick, selfie-style shoots with whoever has the newest cell phone model, presented with minimal editing and distributed with little fanfare. It’s the “better than nothing” approach.

Black Pug Solutions realizes that not everyone has the budget space to do anything more - but we have a limited offer that might be just the “ticket” to keep you from getting “stranded” in an age where video has truly taken off.

Our founder, Trevor Prosser, will be participating in this year’s “season” of the Stranded: Water Valley challenge, put on by the good folks over at Kids Up Front. And to help with his fundraising efforts, we have a special deal available.

For a $500 donation to Trevor’s campaign, we will provide your organization or group with a video production package, valued at $3,000. That includes an hour of pre-production with you, to help iron out your idea; up to three hours of shooting time, either on location or at another specified location; all of the required editing; and you will end up, two weeks later, with a finished one-minute video, including intro, end screen, and all other required additions.

The best part? That $500 donation is going directly to Kids Up Front. You helping out an amazing nonprofit who helps kids to see the sports games, concerts, and cultural events that they otherwise might not have access to. But on top of that, you will get a tax receipt for the full amount from Kids Up Front - so your $500 “cost” is going to be a lot less, come tax season!

This is a limited offer, and we have the space to accommodate the first ten groups who donate at the $500 level. Contact us before you make your donation, and we’ll get everything set up for you. Once the donation has been received, we can begin the video production process.

So don’t delay - contact us today, and let’s get started on your video!

Trevor Prosser